Facial Rolling 101

First off, what is the lymphatic system and how does it play a vital role in the appearance of our skin? Well to sum it up, the lymphatic system is a network of vessels, lymph nodes and organs that aid your body by draining out the toxins and waste in the tissue.Sometimes, it can be a lengthy process. This can end up accumulating as bloat on your face, or even cellulite in your body. However, you can aid in this process and reduce the impurities AND the appearance of your skin just by stimulating your blood. How do you do this? The answer is: massaging or dry brushing the skin. It gets the blood flowing and circulating even faster throughout your body. You can dry brush any part of the body (other than the face, for sensitivity reasons) to eliminate the appearance of cellulite, and massage the face and neck with a facial roller (or even your hands!!!) to prevent aging. You must practice this routinely for effective results.


-Stimulates the lymphatic system

-Boosts circulation

- Supports collagen production (in other words, firms the skin and keeps the elasticity strong)

-Prevents wrinkles and fine lines

- Reduces inflammation and puffiness (minimizes the appearance of eye bags and bloat in the face)


 -To achieve optimal anti-inflammatory benefits, freeze your facial roller in the freezer before using.

-Once your face is washed and ready, prep by applying your favorite serum to your face before rolling.

-Roll each section of your face in an upward (or sideways) motion at least 3x . Don’t roll in a downward motion, as this can cause sagging if you pull too hard. Think of it as if you’re molding your skin into the desired shape you want. You’re basically lifting, firming and contouring.